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"One-stop" study abroad and immigration solutions, with thousands of successful cases and a success rate of over 98% in applications.

Established in 2014 and located at Yonge & Sheppard

Bayview Education and Immigration Group is a professional study and immigration consulting service company. Located in Toronto, the economic, cultural, and educational hub of Canada, Bayview Group leverages its strategic location, professional corporate culture, and comprehensive "one-stop" study abroad and immigration solutions. In just a few years, it has grown into a prominent player in the field of study abroad and immigration in Ontario. Since its establishment, Bayview Group has assisted thousands of ambitious students in crossing oceans and successfully embarking on their educational journey, fulfilling their dreams of studying at prestigious institutions.

Compared to most study abroad and immigration service companies based in China, Bayview Group advantageous timing and location enable our professional consultants to have effective communication with clients' target schools and immigration departments in real-time, with zero time difference and distance. We can promptly follow up on important information regarding school application progress, visa processing status, and updates on immigration policies.

Regarding collaborations with universities, after seven years of relentless efforts, we have established ourselves as a top-tier agent for numerous Canadian institutions (secondary schools, colleges, universities). This means that students who entrust our Bayview with their application and recommendation materials will receive preferential consideration and have a higher chance of receiving final admission offers based on their academic background.

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说服务好的评论已经很多了,我只能从自己的个人情况和专业方面来评论了。本人年龄30+,从生物工程本科转专业到游戏方面的collge diploma,妥妥地学历倒挂和跨专业大龄申请人。在咨询Bayview之前,其他中介都给我报很高的价格,并且还告诉我需要走旅游签转学签,成功概率也只有不到20%。但是通过Bayview的个性化分析,果断让我直接申请学签,并且尽心尽力对文案进行精准优化。最后顺利拿到了offer,并且顺利获得学签!后来我的同学升学和续签,我都毫不犹豫推荐给她们。强烈推荐!That's it! BTW,今年小签的境内续签,官网需要193天的处理时长,再次找到Bayview, 最后只用了4个工作日,移民局就让我邮寄护照。现在等待ing!

- Lin Li -



小贝留学帮助我成功完成了留学和移民的梦想。小贝的文案非常细心负责, 会针对名校给出很好的申请指导。所以在我找到理想的工作以后, 毫不犹豫的找到了小贝帮助我进行移民咨询和规划。我的语言成绩一直不够理想, 小贝留学提供了IELTS的针对性培训。帮助我及时通过了移民的语言要求并且仅用了很短的时间, 就帮助我拿到了移民的身份。我真的非常感激他们。

- Chunxiao Li -



朋友推荐找了Bayview Education Group.他家中介做事很负责,而且很专业,知道什么人适合哪种方法。我有什么问题不会都会耐心讲,我的case 在他们这里办不到两个月就下来了,强烈推荐他们家。

- Zhanda Lv -



五分,五分!给Bayview Education Group打满分!之前找了他们帮忙申请GBC ,offer很快就下来了,后面大签也是找他们帮忙续的。顾问很nice,有问必回。重点是我申请GBC都是免费的!!!多伦多的中介千千万,找个靠谱的很重要!

- Jodie Li -