Study Abroad Services

We promise that all employees of Bayview Group are elite talents who have graduated from Canadian universities. They have a deep understanding of the operational mode and characteristics of the Canadian education system and have years of firsthand experience in studying abroad. This ensures that our consultants, when providing one-on-one advisory services to clients, can not only provide accurate analysis from a professional perspective for each application case but also offer practical advice from personal experience, allowing students to study with confidence and live comfortably, giving parents peace of mind.

Bayview Education provides a "one-stop" study abroad application solution that covers various stages including secondary school, college, undergraduate, and graduate programs. For each client, we tailor personalized school selection plans based on their background and academic profile. Since the establishment of our group, the success rate of our clients' applications to their "dream schools" has consistently remained above 98%.


Advantages of studying in Canada

  • As we all know, Canada's education system has its roots in the United Kingdom but has developed and evolved more towards the American system. The quality of education in Canada is top-notch, and the degrees obtained are recognized in North America and globally. Unlike the traditional exam-oriented education system in China, Canadian secondary education focuses more on cultivating students' practical skills and their ability to collaborate and cooperate with others for mutual success. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on developing students' comprehensive qualities in various aspects.
  • The immersive English-speaking environment in Canada ensures that graduates have excellent competitiveness whether they choose to pursue careers in their home country or locally. Local institutions also offer numerous community, team, and volunteer activities, allowing international students to integrate into society early on and enhance their overall abilities.
  • Being one of the world's largest immigrant nations, Canada offers international students with diploma and above qualifications the opportunity to obtain an open work permit for up to 3 years and easily apply for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR).
  • Compared to other popular English-speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, the cost of studying in Canada can be 20-30% lower.
  • Safety is also an important factor for parents to consider, and Canada is known as one of the safest countries. It has a well-established welfare system, stable political system, and a harmonious multicultural environment, making it an ideal place for studying and working.

Overseas Education Services


Canadian High Schools

Many parents ask, at what stage is it most suitable to send their children to study in Canada? The answer to this question can vary depending on the individual. However, for families with the financial means and children who have strong independent abilities, it can be a suitable time to consider sending them to Canada for high school studies.

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Canadian College Applications

The duration of college programs determines that they are aimed at high school graduates who want to enter the workforce more quickly, individuals looking to change career paths, and university graduates seeking new employment opportunities. And it may provides a bridge connection to degree study for those students aiming to obtain dual credentials to target PR pointing system.

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Canadian University Applications

Canada's university education system is rooted in the British tradition but has also developed in conjunction with the United States within the North American region. This has given rise to world-renowned institutions such as the University of Toronto, McGill University, the University of British Columbia, and others.

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Canadian Master Education

In Canada, master's degrees are generally divided into two types: course-based master's programs and research-based/major projects master's programs. Course-based master's programs are more focused on employment outcomes and emphasize practical skills for students after graduation. The duration of these programs is typically 1 to 2 years. 

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