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In recent years, Canada has stood out among mainstream countries for study, immigration, and tourism due to its well-developed education system, beautiful natural environment, and comprehensive social welfare. Every year, there is a constant stream of people heading to Canada for studying, immigrating, or traveling. However, compared to such a high demand for entry, Canadian visas are rumored to be more difficult to obtain than U.S. visas, which discourages many people or leads to repeated failures.

With the support of a professional IRCC team, Bayview Education and Immigration Group has members who specialize in different types of visas. Whether it is visitor visas, primary, middle, or high school visas, various types of work visas, spouse visas, permanent residence immigration, or challenging cases, we can provide targeted and accurate solutions, enabling every client to achieve satisfactory results and smoothly embark on a new life in the Maple Leaf country.

Some of the available study visa (permit) application types are as follows:

  1. Canada Study Permit (General) Target audience:
  • International students applying for primary and secondary education.
  • College applicants with IELTS Academic scores below 5.5 or university applicants with IELTS Academic scores below 6.0.
  1. Canada Study Permit Extension Target audience:
  • Students in Canada whose study permits are about to expire or have a short period of overstay.
  1. Canada Study Direct Stream (SDS) Program Target audience:
  • Students who have achieved an IELTS Academic score of 6.0 or higher within two years and have received an admission offer from a Canadian university or college.
  1. Canada Visitor Visa to Study Permit Conversion Target audience:
  • Individuals who entered Canada on a visitor visa and intend to convert their status to become legal study permit holders for the purpose of pursuing studies or applying for immigration.

Our Professional Service


Canadian Study Services

All employees of Bayview Education Group are elite talents who have graduated from Canadian universities. Before joining the company, they have a deep understanding of the operational mode and characteristics of the Canadian education system, as well as years of firsthand experience in studying in Canada.

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Canadian Visa Services

Whether it is visitor visas for tourism or family visit, secondary or post secondary student visas, various types of work visas, spousal visas, permanent residency immigration, or challenging visa cases, we can provide targeted solutions to ensure that every client achieves satisfactory results.

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Canadian Immigration Services

Many of our long-standing clients who applied for studying abroad have also successfully obtained permanent residency (PR) status in Canada with our services and assistance. We also offers exceptional service to help find the best suitable PR program and assist clients to successfully immigration to Canada.

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Post-Service Supports

Unlike most service agencies, Our "one-stop" study abroad solutions go beyond assisting with school admission offers or visa approvals. We provides various supportive service to help students to well settle in Canada.

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